Once used to house the "help" (and sometimes the horses!), pole barn garages with living quarters have come a long way. After falling out of style in the late 60's, garages with living space have made quite a comeback over the last several years. Some of the contributing factors in this popularity surge are the same as they've always been, namely, that garages with living quarters are a great stepping stone to independence for college-age children and can be a reliable source of rental income (where allowed). Also pole barn cost plays a big factor.  Pole barn prices are generally much cheaper than traditional building.  

The typical floorplan for garages with living space features a compact, one-bedroom apartment above a one or two car garage. This layout works well for properties with acreage constraints and is also usually best in terms of efficiency and affordable construction. 

However, not every homeowner has the same objectives in mind when it comes to their plans for a garage with living quarters. Rest assured, CKR Construction's garages  feature designs for garages with living space above or beside, one, two or even three car storage and up to two bedrooms. Plans for garages with living quarters can be as extravagant or as simple as the circumstances require.

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